We decided to set up this website because we like to help people. We feel that we should always be passing on the information that we have and the things that we know for the benefit of others. We also realise that finance is an area where a lot of people need help and so we hope that we will be able to provide that. This is the reason that we have finance information on the website. The articles that we have are designed to provide information which could be helpful. They have facts about different things and hopefully cover a range of topics which will be of interest to a lot of people. There are also tips and information about what to think about when picking particular financial products. This can be really helpful because it will mean that you will be able to have think about what sorts of things to consider when you are making decisions about financial products. You will need to bear in mind that you personal circumstances will have an impact but knowing more about the various products and what to think about should help you to be able to make better informed decisions.