What is the Adoption Support Fund (ASF)?


On 24th January 2013, the Department for Education (DfE) published their report ‘Further Action on Adoption: Finding more loving homes’, setting out their proposals to attract adopters and improve the support available to adoptive families. This led to the implementation of the Prototype Adoption Support Fund in December 2013 which has been working with ten Local Authorities to generate sustainable improvement to the assessment and provision of appropriate therapeutic support to adoptive families.


Now with a simplified application process and refined funding criteria the Adoption Support Fund was opened to all 152 Local Authorities in England on 1st May 2015. We encourage all Local Authorities to make applications for funding to provide post-adoption therapeutic support and would be pleased to discuss any questions or suggestions that you might have. 

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The Adoption Support Fund – 2017/18

03 February 2017

On the 25th January, Edward Timpson, the Minister of State for Vulnerable Children and Families, wrote to Directors of Children’s Services to inform them of changes to the ASF Fair Access Limit from April 2017.  The changes take into account the implementation of this year’s Fair Access Limit and matched funding approach.

The Adoption Support Fund – 16/17 Budgetary Review

06 October 2016

On the 6th October the Minister of State for Vulnerable Children and Families has written to Directors of Children’s Services in England setting out changes to the way the Adoption Support Fund will be managed for the remainder of this financial year.

Tavistock: Evidence base report for therapeutic support from Adoption Support Fund

05 August 2016

We are delighted to share a recent report completed by the Tavistock Institute for Human Relations exploring what evidence base exists for some of the most commonly sought after therapeutic support from the Adoption Support Fund. 

The Adoption Support Fund - The First Year

23 June 2016

A new ASF resource has been published - 'The Adoption Support Fund – the First Year' includes information for parents about how to access the fund as well as examples of how it has worked well. The guide is designed to help parents understand what the Fund is, what it will pay for and how they can apply. Access the document here.